Q. Is it possible to make a reservation for the same days ?
A. Please make reservation 3 days prior to allow for scheduling.
Q. What fees are there for canceling a reservation?
A. 2 days prior-free.
1 days prior-50% charge day of reservation.
On the day-100% charge day of reservation.
Q. How can I make a payment?
A. We accept payments by credit card and support the following:visa, AMEX, MasterCard and Discover.
*To ensure your reservation, please make the payment within 3 days.Reservations will be canceled if payment is not received.

About the day

Q. What happens if it rains on the day/time I reserved?
A. To ensure safety to guests, services may end. If we stop services, charges will be refunded as listed below.
30 min-1hr:40%.
More than 1hr:20%.
More than 2hr: no refund.
Q. Can we BBQ?
A. No, you can’t BBQ and have our service at the same time.
Q. Can we bring any food and drinks?
A. Sorry, You can’t bring your own drinks and food.
Q. Is there parking and a restroom?
A. Yes, parking/restrooms areas are available, though they are not exclusive.
Q. Can we use a designated driver service?
A. Yes, arrangements for this service are available after 7pm.


Q. It’s going to be any friend’s birthday on the day of reservation, can you guys do any surprise for them?
A. We accommodate many different events, and we can help you make it a party your friend will remember.Please contact us for additional details.