HOT & SAND obeys a decree about personal information and we are protecting guest’s privacy.

1. About gather of personal information.
We’re gather of personal information from a customer in this case.
* When it’s a question to service to us.
* When you apply to service to us.
* At the merit of the cookie when accessing to us.
2. About the use purpose of personal information.
* For a contact to customer.
* For an answer to question from customer.
* For servicing to customer.
3. About an offer to a third person of personal information.
We elucidate or don’t offer the personal information acquired from a customer to third person.But, it’s different in this case.
* The occasion with one’s own agreement.
* When there is a request from the police.
* When it’s applied to a law.
4. About elucidation of personal information.
When there is a request by which self information from a guest is elucidation, correction and elimination etc. we do certainly.