This term of service sets the use condition of the service that Hot&Sand offers it.

A guest of use has Hot&Sand with this agreement. I consider to have agreed to this regulation in the time when your reservation has been completed and have obey this regulation.

■How payment?
When reserving a method of payment, please settle with a credit card.
Only a credit card can be used.
Even please pay within 3 days after a reservation is made. When you can’t pay within 3 days, I’ll sometimes cancel it.
■About cancel
A cancellation fee occurs from the previous day.
Before. 1day 50% charge
On the day. 100% charge

When you neither make a contact nor come charge.
■We’ll sometimes cancel to make a reservation by influence of the weather.
About the case which became bad
weather during service.

When it was bad weather during service.
We’ll sometimes canceled service.
The charge is repaired in that case.

When rain for more than 30 minutes fell within starting service for 1 hour.

40% refund

When rain for more than 30 minutes fell within starting service for 2 hour.

20% refund

More than 2hour

No refund
■ Notes
・Please stop drinking of a driver and an underage customer.

* Please be careful about too much drinking.

It’ll be your own risk about an accident, theft and loss, etc..

Don’t throwing away of trash.

We can’t serve food and drinks by Food Hygiene Law.

* Only less than 18 years old can’t be used. Be sure guardian accompanying of more than 19 years old.

The act other beach users and residents around become troubled about which is prohibited.

When judging the case when damage has occurred to equipment of service and the violated case special disposal generates to have an influence on operation of service, the new purchase price and the repairing price are laundered.

Even while giving the service to the guest who can’t understand a term of service, we withdraw by service.